Blue Sapphire: stimulating Shani!



The Blue Sapphire is also known as Neelam, an incredibly beautiful gemstone which reflects the many different shades of the sky. Blue Sapphire’s color ranges from very light to very dark violet blue to greenish blue. Highly- prized sapphires are rich blue to violet-blue, in medium to dark tones.

It represents Saturn or Shani which is related with the zodiac signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. Shani is considered to be the most malefic planet among the planets.  For these reasons the Blue Sapphire is perhaps the most feared and misunderstood gemstone as there are several misconceptions and superstitions associated with it. Saturn is a much dreaded planet and it known to throw afflicted people into terrible adversities and misfortunes. However, we must remember that ultimately, all the adversities lead to the betterment of the person. The final effect of Saturn is always good.

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Blue sapphire can be worn in different ways, in a form of a ring, pendant or earrings or necklaces. However, astrologers recommend that we wear it as a ring or a pendant. Blue Sapphire must be set in silver or gold metal and worn in the middle finger.

Blue Sapphire to Attract Good Fortune and Change Destiny

The beneficial effects of Blue Sapphire‘s effects are observed much sooner than other gemstones. Blue Sapphire miraculously elevates the wearer to a higher level in all aspects of life. In fact, some astrologers believe that the Blue Sapphire possesses the power to transform a pauper into a rich man by transforming misfortunes into good fortune, providing affluence, strength, longevity and contentment to its wearer.

“Evil thoughts are nullified with a calm mind and behavior, by wearing this blue sapphire”, a Buddhist Monk had once said.  If worn correctly, after proper advice, Blue Sapphire alleviates poverty, diseases, depression, and increases prosperity, health, and the morality of the wearer. Blue Sapphire also brings back property and money which was lost before wearing the stone.

Blue Sapphire’s Influence on your Professional Life and Career

Saturn has a significant influence on the career and professional life of a person. An auspicious Saturn makes the native responsible, hard working, and a practical thinker. Shani governs ambition and motivation, which plays a crucial role in the career of a person. Conversely, a malefic Saturn will make a person irresponsible, lazy, pessimistic, and deceitful. This causes encumbrances in his career.  Such people should strengthen Saturn in their horoscope and this can be done by wearing a blue sapphire in an effective remedy.  Blue sapphire is often recommended to bring improvements in their career graph. It opens new doors and brings new opportunities. Blue Sapphire or Neelam also relieves its wearer from mental stress, anxiety and depression, which can greatly accelerate improvements in the career.

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People who belong to the legal profession can experience extensive benefits by wearing a Neelam. Other professionals who can also benefit from blue sapphire include surgeons, mechanical engineers, metallurgists, scientists, archeologists, soldiers, those in the field of creative arts such as acting, direction, dance and cinematography politicians, writers, and astrologers. Blue sapphire can bring success in business too, particularly for those engaged in export-import business, and people dealing in automobiles, iron and steel, minerals, and petroleum.

Wear with Caution, after due Consultation  

It is very important to bear in mind that an expert astrologer must be consulted before you make your mind to wear a Neelam, who can guide you both about its compatibility and the quality of the stone. If Blue Sapphire is unfavorable to its wearer, its effects are opposite and it can destroy the mental peace and financial status of the wearer.

Remember that Blue Sapphire should never be worn without a trial as it may not suit some people.  Also bear in mind that the stone must be of a good quality. A blemished neelam is the cause of many miseries. A dull colored stone causes distress and worries. If it has white lines on it, it can harm your eyes and on the other hand, dual-colored-stone may invite troubles from enemies. A whitish stone brings poverty, and a damaged Neelam may cause accidents to its wearer. Ensure that you buy a fine quality gem from a trusted jeweller or a website like Gemsvidhi.

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