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Aquamarine gemstone, available I n various shades of light blue, was known as the treasure of the mermaids in folklore. It was used as a talisman for good luck and fearlessness by people. It is soothing, relaxing and inspires truth.

It is the birth stone for the zodiac signs: Aries, Gemini and Pisces.

Effects on Love Relationships

Aquamarine, as a love crystal in pale blue color, can bring back long lost love. An old lover whom you still desire may come back to you on wearing this stone. It enhances fidelity, loyalty and commitment in those who are already married. Thus, adorning this gemstone can result in a peaceful family life.

It is the best token of love you can give to your beloved.

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Astrological Benefits

As Aquamarine is associated with the throat chakra, it helps overcome the fear of speaking. They wearer is able to express himself with clarity and confidence. It helps one get rid stage fear and promotes overall growth of an individual. Public speakers, teachers, professors and sales and marketing personnel gain a lot from this gemstone.

It emits positive energy and helps one become more tolerant. It also reduces anger and stress levels.

Health Benefits

Aquamarine is the stone for respiration and lungs. It heals cough, sinus problems and other chronic allergies. Someone who suffers from Bronchitis will experience much relief after wearing this stone.

To cure minor vision problems, keep this gemstone on your eyes for about 20 minutes. It helps heal nervous spasms as well.

Spiritual Benefits

Meditating with an Aquamarine gemstone can lead to polishing of intuitive powers and communication skills. Women are blessed with the courage to express their inner desires and feelings, and men are able to eliminate the emotional numbness they experience. This helps both communicate and express better thereby facilitating better relationships.

They can also help you cope better at the time of grief or loss.

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