Can Yellow Sapphire And Blue Sapphire Be Worn Together?


1. Wearing two different gemstones

Sometimes people assume that wearing two different gemstones will increase the powers of gemstones and they will get benefited twice!

But, things become worse when people wear it without any astrological prescription. It’s important to wear two different gemstones after the seeking advice of an erudite astrologer. According to astrologers, gemstones differ in their properties because they are under the shadows of the different ruling planet. Wearing two different gemstones will create havoc in your life if you wear it without any astrological prescription.

Can I wear Yellow and Blue sapphire gemstone together? Are these two stones would be compatible with me?

The Internet is flooded with these types of question, so today’s compatibility is between Yellow sapphire and Blue sapphire. Let’s have a glance over their properties.

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The Pukhraj gemstone is under the shadows of Jupiter planet, which is also known as the planet of luck and thinking person’s planet. Jupiter planet signifies thinking skills of an individual, mental stability, and creativity. Yellow sapphire endows all these positive traits of Jupiter into its wearer. If you’re ruling planet is Jupiter, then Yellow Sapphire is the ideal gemstone for you. Yellow Sapphire gives prosperity, wisdom, monetary gains and longevity to its wearer. It is also beneficial for the ladies who are looking up for a perfect life partner or having troubles in their married life. Yellow sapphire also protects its wearer from physical illness, like fever, cold and other severe diseases like food poison and jaundice.

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