All about Red Coral Gemstone (Moonga)

Moonga Stone

“Gemstones are intimidating and should be taken as investments since it has the power to change your lives.” In this regard, Moonga is one which is counted among the powerful gemstones.

Red Coral gemstone is spectacular due to its color and benefits it offers to the individual. In Vedic Astrology, it has huge significance. It is a gemstone which is considered magical and recommended to the wearer to eradicate negativity.

Moonga brings powerful influences to one’s life which planetary motions bear upon the individual.

According to ancient astrology, lord of Red Coral gemstone is planet Mars (Mangal) and is also known as Praval or Moonga. Mars is the god of warfare and commander of armies of god. In a human horoscope, he is in the form of energy, vitality, and ambition.

What is a Coral Gemstone?

The coral gemstone is one of the rare organic gemstones like Amber and Pearl. It is opaque gemstone which is not mined from Earth. But it is biologically formed and procured from Deep Ocean.

Benefits of Red Coral Gemstone-

  1. Red Coral represents the ferocious planet Mars. Hence the first innate benefits it to eradicate the malefic effects of planet Mars from Mangal Dosha or Mangalik Dosha.

This is also popularly known as Kuja Dosham or Chovva Dosham in the Southern States of India. Many saints and astrologers across nations believe that Moonga is a powerful precious gem. It has the capability to eradicate ill effects of Mangalik Dosha(especially for female natives). Mangal Dosha can be nullified by females by wearing Praval.

  1. Mars is considered as a royal warrior who is said to boost confidence and courage. So those who have less confidence in themselves and is shying nature should opt for Red Coral. It is good when you want to come out of any misery quickly.

Therefore people surrounded by problems like diseases, debts, enemies, fear, etc. Red Coral is for you to attain courage for any situation and combat them.

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  1. Physical strength is enhanced by Moonga, it also increases sexual desires and is helpful for dull sex life and intimacy. That’s why in many marriages, it is recommended for an inactive partner to wear Moonga to increase the desire for love.
  1.    Red Coral is believed to provide protection from evil eye and black magic. It acts as a protector and relives one from any such negativity. Hence, it usually used by many occult providers to remove bad effects and evil aura from native.
  2.    Red Coral bestows the wearer with few medicinal benefits. Diseases related to blood can be prevented by it. Therefore high blood pressure, heart-related disease, blood cells and blood vessels can be improved by opting one.
  3.    Mental and general health is improved by wearing Moonga. So, one who desires mental health and peace this gemstone is the best to be with.

Red Coral’s Significator Planet-

This gemstone represents planet Mars and offers the beneficial effects of the planet upon the wearer. Mars is a masculine planet which is ferocious and filled with radiated intensity and extreme energy. Mars is a true ruler which empowers soldiers, warriors, pilots, athletes, farmers, miners, constructors and property dealers with confidence and oomph.

Who can wear a Moonga Gemstone (Red Coral)?

Coral is recommended for the people whose horoscope shows Mahadasha and Antardasha in horary chart due to the planetary position of Mars.

Red Coral is beneficial for the one engaged in the business of Mining, chemicals, weapons, agriculture, land property, alloys like gold, steel, and construction.  Professionals like policemen, farmer, army men, surgery, dental treatments, and architects should wear Moonga for superior opportunities. Lazy people should go for Moonga.

How to wear Red Coral gemstone-

The coral ring should be worn on Tuesday in ring finger or it can be placed on the 4th finger of right hand too. It is a hot stone; therefore, you should keep this in mind.

The ring should be made of copper, gold or any alloy like Panchdhaatu or Ashtadhaatu. You can even wear a Moonga Rosary (necklace) of 109 coral beads.

On Tuesday early morning before 1 hour of sunrise is the best time but it should be worn before 11 am.  Before wearing get it pure. Pour Gangajal on the ring and lit incense sticks.

Recite the following mantra 108 times-

“Om Bhaum Bhaumaye Namah Oh”

Price of Red Coral or Moonga Gemstone-

Price per Ratti varies of Coral somewhere between 500 INR to 4000 INR as per quality. If you are looking for best quality Moonga buys Italian and Japanese Corals.

Physical Properties of Red Coral-

Coral is not mined it is extracted from the deep sea. It is formed from the calcareous skeletons of tiny polyps (kind of insects with many feet) which live down many feet under sea water. It is mainly composed of calcium carbonate. It has a specific gravity of 2.68 and hardness less than 4 in Moh’s scale.

Quality of Red Coral Gemstone-

Coral is an opaque gemstone, so the quality depends on color, surface, finish, brightness and polish. It is difficult to differentiate between real and man-made coral with naked eyes. Therefore this natural stone should be checked under magnification.

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The real one has black marks that are naturally appeared in black holes. Hence it needs careful examination to identify natural coral as no marks coral is rare to find and is costly though.  Man-made corals can be found in many places and are not difficult to purchase.

Quality check- Astrological Moonga should not consist of any cracked surface or cavities. It should not have dull patches and black spots. It should be opaque and well polished.

Where to buy Red Coral ?-Italian and Japenese Coral produce best quality Praval. Although it is found in other countries like Australia, India Sri Lanka, Malaysia, South Africa, Algeria, and the USA.

It is advised to buy this natural red gem from a certified store and buyer. Buy Coral with authenticity certificate of leading registered laboratories.


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