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black magic

black magic

Here is an eye opener for you, to understand what are the conditions which get formed in a person’s birth chart which can make him or her “haunted” by some evil spirits.

1) If Moon is conjunct, Rahu in Ascendant and Saturn is in the 5th  House and Mars in the 9th  House  in birth chart then native will definitely has the reverence or devotion for the evil spirits/Ghosts etc.

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2) If Mars in his ascendant and 6th lord is in ascendant, 7th House or 10th  House then the native definitely suffers due to black magic.

3) If ascendant’s lord, MARS are in ascendant or in any angles and 6th lord is in ascendant then native definitely gets haunted or suffers from black magic.

4) If Jupiter is in ascendant 4th or 10th  house then native suffers from realization of a Devtaa (God).

5) If Saturn is in 7th and any benefic is in ascendant which is movable and moon is afflicted then the native suffers from evil spirits .

6) If Rahu and Saturn are in ascendant then native suffers from black magic/ghosts/evil spirits.

7) When there is moon conjunct Rahu and evil planets occupy trines then this yoga is formed.

Now the one main question that many people usually ask is when the incident will happen?

The answer is the time when the native will pass through the dasa of the planets making the yoga of being haunted for a person, there will definitely be the time when the native will suffer from these problems. The most important thing is one should have a strong moon in his chart so he can handle all the negative vibes otherwise it becomes very difficult to prevent one from being haunted.

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What should you do?

Wear Amethyst Stone to seek the blessing of the powerful Saturn to help you to guard off all the evil spirits.

The regular practice of yoga, daily worshiping the lord of your religion will certainly generate a positive aura which these spirits will find very hard to break through and one will have protection from these ill deeds.

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