How to Buy Quality Gemstones in Limited Low Budget

Buy Quality Gemstones in Limited Budget

When it comes to shopping of Astrological gemstones remember the golden rule of Vedic Astrology-The quality of an astrological gemstone is a crucial factor to determine whether it will benefit a native or not in terms of benefic planets.

How to Buy Quality Gemstones in Limited Budget

It is recommended to buy the best quality gemstones but if your budget constraints you. Then you should go for top quality secondary gemstones or Upratna. Because it will pay you benefits in spite of spending bugs in cheap, poor quality and treated gems for astrological gains.

For example: If you have only 1000INR and you are looking for a Jupiter gemstone market. It’s better to go with a quality Topaz rather a large, cracked yellow sapphire.

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This was about Upratanas but what about budget constraints and particular gemstone.

For this, we need to understand how price varies with three important factors of gemstones quality. That is estimated in-Color, Transparency, and Weight.

If gemstones are of perfect opacity and color, it is considered a top quality gemstone. Its price will be on higher side.  In this regard, perfect color means- ideal hue, the attractiveness of stone and medium saturation.


If a stone possesses few inclusions then the stone is graded in good clarity transparent stone. The clearer it is, more precious it will be. Therefore these factors raise its value.

Similarly, if the weight of gemstones increases the price per carat is increased. To understand this let us take an example- suppose you take an Emerald of 5 carats and 7 carats. Eventually the price of 7 carats Emerald will be more as compared to 5 carats. Another reason for the higher price is the rarity of a bigger stone.

Note:More the carat weight is, more will be the per carat rate only when quality remains same.

These three parameters i.e. color, transparency, and weight play an important role in deciding gemstones price. First preference is given to color. The color of a gemstone should be perfect.

If you have a limited budget, then go for better clarity and transparency. A clearer stone will have better brilliance and effects on native’s life.

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Don’t go for bigger gemstones instead look for quality gemstones. It is always good to purchase a superior quality smaller gemstone in spite of inferior quality bigger one.

Ratti per Gemstone for Astrological Benefits

This is the most confusing query that is frequently asked. How much should Ratti weight be worn by a person as per astrology? And a trend is going on- that weight of gemstone should be at least 1/4th of the body weight of a person. How true is this statement?


This statement is without any logic, which has involved in a period of time and does not have any mention in ancient Vedic astrology. This is a trend developed by astrologer’s belief. Some say that person should wear- 1 Ratti per 10kg body weight while some rely on Numerological calculations.

Be aware that Ratti is not a universal standard weight calculation. It differs in regions like in Punjab 1 Ratti equals 0.120 grams while in another state it varies to 0.180 grams.

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Ideal Gemstone for Astrology

In reality, gemstones should be big enough that it touches the skin of the wearer for better performance. Whether ring or pendant, they should not be bulky that it could not be handled and regular chores are not affected.

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Choose Natural Gemstone

This is the most crucial factor when it comes to gemstones purchasing. Look for following things in a gemstone-

  1. The color of the gemstone should not be light nor be dark.
  2. Large or black inclusions should not be present inside the stone.
  3. Surpass cavity prone and cracked gemstones.
  4. Therefore, if your budget restraints you to buy a bigger gemstone then opt for smaller gemstone but quality prone.

Or go for a top-notch Upratna with same benefits. A good-quality Upratana is as beneficial as a primary gemstone. We recommend you to buy a larger quality based secondary gemstone to compensate the weaker planetary energy. However, the size of the Upratna exclusively depends on the type of gem.

Remember: “If budget is in limitation, prefer gemstones of superior quality rather than Ratti weight.”


You can easily buy an Upratna and later go for a primary gemstone. it is better to wear something rather wearing nothing for cosmic benefits. All the Upratna has the power to change the life with planetary influences that will show you up in upcoming days.

Although for a better understanding of substitutes for gemstones and purchasing we recommend you to consult a professional. Like we stated in above paragraph that yellow sapphire’s substitute is topaz, this is only when your budget is falling short.

But if you can manage a bit then always go for a primary gemstone though you can pick a smaller one. Do not compromise on the quality of a gemstone. It will lack results and your money will be wasted.

Hopefully, these few tips will help you out to buy a gemstone in limited budget. And if you have any queries related then write to us in the comment section below for expert opinions.


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