What do the Colours of Gemstones say about them?

Every Color of the Gemstones has a Story to Share!



Green is the color of wisdom; Red is the Color of love in the astrology.

Red is the color of love, vitality &Vigor.

Pink is the color of the Love and Romance

Yellow is the color of the Good Health & Luck

Blue is for Optimism & Prosperity.

Orange: is for Altruism (Sanyaas or Bhakti )

Here is an analysis of the reason these Colors have been the epitome of these Traits in the human being’s life.

You can come out with some scientific reasons behind the color of these gems, but yes the matter of fact is that these colors have been symbolic of some or the other main traits of the human life.

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Green colored stones which have been widely known for enhancing the optimism and the prosperity are: Emeralds, green tourmaline & Green.

Red colors gemstones, which have been known for enhancing the love and the vitality are Ruby, Red tourmaline and Rose quartz.

Blue colored stone, for the Optimism and Prosperity are Blue Sapphire and the turquoise.

Orange Colored Gemstones are known for Spirituality & Divinity outlining the sense of altruism in a person.

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