Important 4 C’s of Nine Gemstones – Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat


If you are here, then you might be in search of information regarding gemstones. The world of the gemstone is massive and diversified; if you have little knowledge about it then it would be difficult for you to understand about these minerals.

Not to worry, it can be comprehended if paid concentration. As you are a novice you will need some time to get in-depth facts of these valued stones.

Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat of Gemstone

The first thing which you will acknowledge after getting in this industry is the term 4 C’s. What is 4C and what does 4C stands for? Why is it so hyped in the world of Astrology and Gemmology?

4C’s stands for cut, clarity, colour, and carat which are essential components when it comes to gemstones acquisition.

These four elements play a very imperative role in Gemmology as well as Astrology. The particular size, carat weight, and color gems are advised by astrologers while purchasing for the elimination of any predicament and fetching prosperity.

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Lets one by one checkout each and every element and its significance-

#1 Colour – Colour plays a crucial role regardless of every gemstone. The color of these stones comprises three major components i.e.

Hue, saturation, and tone

Hue Every stone impression is different and can be noted by seeing it like red, blue, green etc.  Two stones may be blue but the appraiser needs to distinguish between them that whether it is Tourmaline or a Tanzanite or it’s just a stone, not a sapphire.

SaturationTo describe the purity and clarity of hue term saturation is used. Generally, black or white traces are desired in a stone and brown or grey traces are detrimental. Although it is rare to discover stones without brown or grey traces if it’s been found someday it will be 100% saturation.

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Tone Tone simply means whether the color of stone which can differ from light to dark but if categorized acutely it can be light, medium, medium-light, medium dark or dark. If the gemstone primary color is mixed with a high percentage of black it will give a black tone and vice versa. Gemstones should neither be too dark nor too light.

When it comes to the authenticity and worth of a gemstone, color is the first thing which is determined. If a stone shows various colors then it’s not considered a qualitative one and is priced low. On the contrary, if a stone is denser then it is regarded as high-end.

#2 Cut – Cut of a gem is called as the way its symmetry/facets are carved in a systematic manner. Different gemstone has defined cuts as per market and user requirements.  A gemstone with more precise and defined cuts is the costliest and fine quality stone.

You can purchase various carved gemstones in different shapes like oval, round, pear, emerald and square. You can distinguish a class gemstone by recognizing well proportioned numerous facets of a stone. Cut off the sapphire effects the value of a gemstone in terms of price per carat. Therefore, cuts are highly valued across the globe.

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#3 Carat Weight – Carat basically is an expression used to weigh or value gemstone as per its weight. A gemstone isn’t measured in terms of dimensions moreover it is valued by carats.

As per traditional weight calculation of a gemstone, one carat equals 0.2 grams. It is measured in 1/100 grams. Thus, if a gemstone is 25 point that means it is 0.25carat.

Suppose, you take two diamonds of same dimensions but they may be of a different carat, thus its price will also vary accordingly. This is because each gemstone has different gravity and density which makes every stone different from one another.

#4 Clarity – Clarity refers to the number of inclusions or the foreign components existing in a gem. The clearer is the stone the more beneficial it is. Therefore a gemstone with crystalline nature is hard to find which increases its rarity quotient and obviously its price though. From hundreds of stone one stone will possess all intrinsic worth. So now you got how rare it is to get a quality gem.

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Each gemstone may have different clarity standards, as in emerald there should be no inclusions, i.e. known an authentic sapphire. On the contrary, if we talk about natural Tanzanite stone it might be virtually clear. And for this Gemological Institute of America’s grading system categorizes gemstones into five grades.

Type I- These stones possesses virtually free characteristics and includes stones like Tanzanite, Topaz, Green Tourmaline and Zircon and Spinel-Blue.

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Type II- These stones may normally contain clarity. These stones appear clean and slight inclusions can be noticed. It includes- Garnets, Green & Orange Zircon, Amethyst, etc.

Type III- These stones are crystalline in nature and always contain clarity. Therefore you can see its inclusions in fact through an unaided eye. These are- Emerald, Watermelon Tourmaline etc.

Rarity/Uncommonness of a Gemstone

The above four components are crucial and these factors when inherent in a stone it is rare to find. This rarity of the gemstone makes it esteemed and expensive.

Another factor that affects the price of the stone is its particular type. Many gemstones are found in abundance in many countries and few are hardly found in remote locations.  It even depends on the political and economic conditions of a country, on which price they offer you.

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Though modern technology has made gemstones accessibility easy around the world and you can get them online too. But we suggest you to always check for authentic dealer online and not to go with the discounted prices as they may be bogus which won’t show desired results.


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