GO GREEN! Emerald Gemstone for Wisdom & Wit !

wisdom and wit

wisdom and wit

You would be amazed to know that the majority of the green colored gemstones are known to boost the wisdom and the ability to take the right decisions.

Many of the people are aware of some of the magnificent and alluring green gems, which majorly are Emerald Gemstone, Green Sapphire Stone, Green Turquoise Stone & Green Spinels.

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The amazing fact related to the green color of these gemstones is majority of these precious stones are known to boost the intellect & bestow upon them, an immense wisdom, the ability to take the right decisions and a good command over their speech!

Green Emeralds, the gemstone which belong to the almighty planet mercury, is an unexceptionally a great wisdom booster, which has in fact been observed to be worn by several imminent, world famous celebrities, counselors, businessmen and advisors.

This Gemstone is ruled by Mercury. Those who have Mercury as lord of an auspicious house in their birth chart may find emeralds beneficial. Emeralds can be useful for those born under the signs Gemini or Virgo. Flaws in an emerald can interfere with the transmission of Mercury’s cosmic force, so flawed emeralds should not be used.  A Must buy for the people who seek the blessings of the planet mercury

The reason is clear! The power of green .i.e. the power of the intellect which many people have imbibed in their lives by wearing the spectacularly beautiful gemstone of emerald!

Some of the famous ones to be counted upon are Vijay Mallya, Rani Mukherjee, Amitabh Bachhan & many more to count upon!

Some of the main Astrological benefits of the Emerald Stone are:

  • Emeralds can be useful for businessmen, printers, publishers, scientists, and writers. They can be good for those working in the chemical business, in public relations, medical equipment, diplomats, mediators, and factory owners.
  • Emeralds help their wearers practice chastity. They also help the wearers do well on exams, to not lose money in business, to be honest, and to have a good reputation. Wearers can formulate good ideas and will possess the strength to enact them
  • Depending upon a person’s occupation, different color emeralds should be worn. A priest, teacher, scientist, or intellectual should wear light green emeralds.

Green Tourmaline Stone: The green color tourmaline is a sub-stone for emerald. It helps in overcoming the poor financial conditions by decreasing the malefic effects of mercury & bestows its wearer with the good blessings of mercury. It is also used in the healing therapy.

Benefits of wearing Tourmaline Stone:


It is generally been said about the Green Tourmaline stone, that this sub stone generates negative ions and generates infrared rays. It enhances the blood circulation and helps in flushing out the undesired elements from the human body by enhancing the metabolism. Beside this, it also helps its wearer in reducing depression and removes stress. It acts like a cleanser for a human body & enhances the sexual energy in men as it boosts the blood circulation

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