Healing Gemstones for Toddlers

precious gemstones

Gemstones are high-quality precious stones that are natural, rare, effective and beautiful. They bring luck and acts as a guiding light. These stones are way more than a piece of magnificence as it provides success, prosperity, health, protection, and fortuity. Children are like wet soil which you can shape in childhood. Their success, education, health, interest, and behavior can be profiled during early ages.

A childhood when drive in proper direction leads to success in future life. Gemstones are beneficial for shaping a child’s fortune. It provides healthy life and gives opportunities to excel in life. It offers protection against diseases and bad aura.

Gemstones should be chosen as per the key problem of the child. For example- If your child cannot concentrate on studies or a child is full of negativity. If he is involved in the bad company or bad habits then gemstones differ as per different issues.

Horoscope and Gemstones –

Are horoscope and gemstones related? Or is it necessary to consult horoscope to choose gemstone for the child? No, it is not required. Gemstones should be decided carefully. For this, you can consult an astrologer if you wish. Only those gemstones should be picked which has positive impacts on kids and does not have any side effects. All age group people can wear gemstones. As these gemstones are Healing stones which act as a safeguard. Planetary positions are not required to choose them. Hence astrologer is not needed for this job. It is 100%safe to get a gemstone for your toddler as per the requirement.

The weight of Gemstone for Kids-

You can buy a gemstone weighed anywhere between 5 to 15carat. Gemstones so listed are totally safe and size does not matter as they don’t have ill effects. Though more than 8 carats would be bulky for a kid, so choose wisely.

Day to wear a gemstone-

There is no particular day o wear theses gemstones and are not prescribed according to planetary positions.  These are not planetary stones as well. Hence no particular day is mentioned. It can be worn on any day.

Method to make kids wear a gemstone-

Children can wear a gemstone in a chain or string. It is better to make them wear in the form of the pendant in a free string so that they are comfortable with it and they don’t lose gemstones.

There is no exact method to make your children wear gemstones. However, you can always wash them with Gangajal to make it pure and pious. It is just for your peace.

Metal for Gemstones fixing

These are referred to as Healing Stones which is mentioned earlier. Thus it can mend in any metal. Although silver is most preferable one. Gold, Panchdhatu, Copper, Asthadhatu etc alloys can also be used.

List of Gemstones As per Child Requirement-

Here is the list of healing stones that can be attained as per different requirement of a child.

For Concentration and Brilliance in Studies- Tiger’s Eye Stone is for kids who lack concentration and lack behind in studies.  Tiger’s Eye stone is good for attaining brilliance in studies and curricular activities. Kids learn fast and are able to concentrate for long period of time. Eventually, gaining excellence in respective field. It also boosts confidence. It should be worn in a silver pendant.

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For achieving good physical and mental health- Many children’s face health issues at an earlier age. Frequent illness is mainly due to unhealthy eating habits and seasonal changes. Pollution, genetics, low immunity etc these days leads to many health problems like obesity, asthma, weak eyesight, skinniness, fevers infection and many more. To avoid such health issues make them wear rainbow Moonstone.

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Gemstone to boost confidence, leadership etc- Kids those who suffer from stage fear, stammering issues; lack of confidence, etc is those who are frightened. They get scared easily and do not open up easily. Due to this they become introvert and stay constant. It could be treated at early ages so that he is confident whole life. For this Natural Citrine stone is opt to cure all mentioned problems. This Yellow colored transparent stonework wonders when it comes to child’s skin contact and noticeable difference is seen.

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Bad habits, ill behavior, bad addictions and wrong company- Children adopt bad habits quickly and it is easy to mold them. Therefore they fall into the trap of bad habits like smoking, drugs, watching porn and illicit contents. They should be saved from involving in such habits. Addiction to internet, TV, video games, mobiles has become a trend statement which has adversely affected kids mentally and physically. Their behavioral problem has increased as they try to imitate things. To overcome this issue Natural Turquoise stone is recommended. This beautiful blue colored stone is a lucky charm. In Hindi, it is called “Feroza”.

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Gemstone to remove bad past memories, anxiety and depression- Your child may suffer from anxiety or depression due to any bad thing which happened to him. Children get affected quickly and lose interests in studies and fun. Their ambition, passion and joy of living targeted because of any such mishap. Make your child wear Natural Malachite stone to overcome bad situations of past, anxiety or depression. This stone is also called Kidney Stone. In Hindi it is called “Dana-E-Firang” or “Dana-Firang”.

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Gemstone to cure Bed Wetting problem- Natural Rose Quartz is helpful in curing bed wetting issue in children. It is a light rose pink colored stone which can be worn as pendant. Its Hindi name is “Gulabi Sphatik”. It is good for healthy skin and adds fame amongst family, relatives and friends.

For Protection from Evil Eyes and Nightmares-Natural Amber stone will relieve your child from negative aura, evil eyes and nightmares. It brings health and stops frequent illness in kids.

Gemstone for Arts and Sports Excellence- Many children are talented but something pulls them back. For such creative field Natural Carnelian stone should be selected. If your kid loves singing, dancing, music, arts, painting etc. then this pendant is good for them excel. Those who want to make sports as career should definitely go for this stone.


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