How much Gemstone weight (Ratti / Carat) is best for you?

difference between ratti and carat

Whenever we talk about purchasing gemstones there are many concerns that come to our mind. Which gemstone will suit? In which metal it should be mended? Where to purchase and most importantly what should be its weight?

All these queries are perfectly answered by an astrologer after calculating your birth chart and planetary positions related. Although, an insight can be given so that you can get an outline about gems.

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What is meant by Ratti of Gemstone?

Today we are here to enlighten you on what is Ratti and Carat? How is it related to the purchasing of gemstones? And how much Ratti should be worn by a native?

Why is it an inaccurate form of gemstone measurement?

Ratti is a unit used to measure the weight of a gemstone. It is a traditional unit of Mass measurement used in a standardized manner. Each Ratti equals 180mg and now it is standardized as 0.1215grams.

This is measured by a ratti seed called “Abrus Precatorious”. Ratti system came into existence when there was no equipment, digital machines or any precise technology to calculate the weight of an item.

The calculation is as follows-

1 Tola= 12 Masha or 11.664gms

1 Tank=4 Masha or 3.888gms

1masha= 8 Ratti or 0.972gms

1 Ratti (Sunari)=121.5mg (As per ancient Ayurveda method)

1 Pakki Ratti=1.5* Sunari Ratti i.e. 1.5* 121.5=182.25mg=0.91carat ( As per Astrological calculations)

Therefore in the simpler form-

1 Ratti= 0.6carat

8 Ratti= 1 Grams (In North India 1 Grams=5.50Ratti approximately)

It should be noted that Gemstones laboratories worldwide provide the weight of a gemstone in carats not in Ratti as it is considered defined and accurate.

How much Ratti should be worn by a native?

There are four important steps that are taken into consideration while wearing a gemstone-

  1.    Body weight of the native
  2.    Quality of the gem (4C’s should be deemed)
  3.    Skin contact of the wearer with the gemstone
  4.    And stone should not hamper regular lifestyle.

Therefore it can be said that weight of the precious stone should be in between 4 to 8 carats which should not be less than the 1/4th of body weight of the wearer.

As less than 4 carat will be too small and won’t be effective and any stone above 8 carats will be bulky and it will be very difficult to handle on daily basis.

To understand this better let us take an example of the most worn gemstone Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire. How many carats of Yellow Sapphire should be worn?

As per belief, one should wear Pukhraj as 1 Ratti per 12 kg of the wearer’s body weight. For example, a 60kg person should wear a (60/12) 5 Ratti or more carat Pukhraj.

However, this weight calculation is not mentioned in the Vedic texts and effect of gemstone does not depend much on its weight rather on quality. Therefore a 5 Ratti superior gemstone is 10 times more effective than a 10 Ratti inferior gemstone.

NOTE- If there is a budget constraint then you can go for lesser carat gemstone but it should be of higher quality.

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Concept of Savaa, Saadhe, and Pauna Ratti

To comprehend its concept, let’s divide each Ratti into 100 parts. The number of decimal decides whether it is Savaa, Saadhe or Pauna Ratti-

  •    The first 1/3rd portion of Ratti i.e. from 0.01 to 0.35 is called Savva or Savya Ratti. For example- 5.01, 5.15, 5.25 or 5.34 will be considered as Savaa-Paanch Ratti.
  •    Secondly, Saadhe Ratti ranges from 0.35 to 0.75. for example Saadhe Saat Ratti includes-7.35, 7.36, 7.74 etc.
  •    Above 0.75 is called Pauna.  Example- 8.81, 6.77, 7.95 Ratti is Pauna.

Note – Pauna Ratti is always avoided in terms of astrological gemstones.

What are Kacchi and Pakki Ratti?

In Northern region of India (Like Punjab, Haryana, Bihar etc.), Kacchi Ratti is considered equal to 120mg and Pakki is equal to 180mg.

Example- 5 Kacchi Ratti= 3.33carat and Pakki Ratti= 3carat

Therefore it is advisable to calculate weight in carats.

What is the difference between Carat and Ratti?

Carat and Ratti is the method of measuring the weight of gemstones. One carat equals ½ of gram i.e. 200mg and is internationally used for calculating weight.

Carat is abbreviated as ct. and spelled with a “c” and stones is measured to the nearest of hundredth of a carat. This hundredth of a carat is also known as a pointer.

Therefore 0.20carat can be called as 20pointers or 1/20 of a carat. Generally smaller stones are referred to as pointers.

Abbreviation “K” is used to check the purity of a gold alloy and is known as Karat.

How to convert Carat into Ratti?

1gram= 1000milligrams

200milligras= 1 carat or 100cents

180milligrams= 1 Ratti approx

In simpler form-

Carat/weight 0.90= Ratti weight

Recommended Weights of Astrological Gems in Carats and Ratti- These weights so mentioned below in the table is generally advised by astrologist to wear Ratna (gemstones)

Weight in Ratti        Weight in Carat
Savaa 4 Ratti     4.00 to 4.35 Ratti     3.60 to 3.92 ct
Saadhe 4 Ratti     4.36 to 4.75 Ratti     3.92 to 4.28 ct
Savaa 5 Ratti 5.00 to 5.35 Ratti     4.50 to 4.82 ct
Saadhe 5 Ratti     5.36 to 5.75 Ratti     4.83 to 5.80 ct
Savaa 6 Ratti     6.00 to 6.35 Ratti     5.40 to 5.72 ct
Saadhe 6 Ratti     6.36 to 6.75 Ratti     5.72 to 6.10 ct
Savaa 7 Ratti     7.00 to 7.35 Ratti     6.30 to 6.62 ct
Saadhe 7 Ratti     7.36 to 7.75 Ratti     6.63 to 7.00 ct
Savaa 8 Ratti     8.00 to 8.35 Ratti     7.20 to 7.52 ct
Saadhe 8 Ratti     8.36 to 8.75 Ratti     7.52 to 7.90 ct

Although we have tried to give you all possible information regarding Ratti and Carat but to correlate better with your horoscope it is advisable to get an astrologer.

For any doubts and queries write to us in the comment box below. Our experts are always there to assist you better with related data and information.


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