How To Determine Authenticity of Gemstones?


Gemstones are beautiful precious stones that are rare and natural which makes it costly. But there are many fake or first copy stones that are available in the market. Due to less awareness, you might end up with an investment in synthetic one.

Gemstones are used as jewellery but mainly it is worn for astrological benefits. Its high demand has made fraudulent active in this industry. Many hoax dealers assure you of providing the gem at low cost which in reality are treated, synthetic or duplicate gemstones.

The major reason to fall into their traps is lack of awareness. With this opportunity, dealers sell fake gems at the price of real one. To differentiate between real and fake gemstone there are many DIY tests available on the web these days. So it is true that you can check gemstones at home?

Is there any DIY test to assure the authenticity of a gemstone?

The answer is a big NO. There are no such methods by which you can DIY test to assure the authenticity of a gemstone. These days the internet has taken a boon and people blindly trust many things viral on the internet. All that glitters is not gold, remember.

Hence articles which claim different DIY’s and suggest “soaking gemstones overnight in raw milk” and later if the color changes it shows genuine of a gem etc. All these suggestions are baseless which are provided by random writers.

These are either hypothetical or just heard things. These tests are to misguide customers and are generally spread by uninformed Astrologers or Pundits. They proliferate such myths like always buy crystal clear gem or 100% clear cut gems.  

But they are unaware of the fact that most gemstones have birthmarks naturally and many are opaque as well. 100% clear gems are flawless in nature and almost rare to find. That is what makes gems highly expensive and is beyond common man reach.

Synthetic Gemstones-

Nowadays, all Natural gemstones have Fake or synthetic corresponding items. A man with modern technology has reached a scale where everything can be duped in the laboratory under control. Natural gemstones take few years to form in natural conditions but in labs, it takes just a few hours to produce Synthetic gemstone.

Synthetic gemstones physical, optical and chemical properties are similar to Natural Gemstones. Therefore differentiation amongst two intensive testing is required. Because these stones are way cheaper than Natural one.

Buy Natural Gemstones

Preferably a gemstone should not possess any cavity, cracks, scratch or any such wear and tear including big black spots. It is recommended to visit a renowned Gemologist before buying any precious stones. A Gemologist is an expert of gemstones who can identify fake and real gemstones.

Effective 4 Steps To Know Authenticity of a Gemstone

Synthetic gemstones are lustrous and bright in comparison to real ones. Customers find difficult to recognize genuine gemstone and end up spending on the duplicate product.

The authenticity of gemstone-It is almost impossible to test the authenticity of a gemstone by ourselves though there are few things that you can keep in mind before purchasing it. Firstly you can try finding out inclusions on the surface of gemstones with naked eyes. If you are not able to see take a magnifying glass at least 10X and find out. Also, find chipping or mark on the gemstone. This is to check if it is used one or removed from a ring.

A spotless and clear gemstone is rare and not available easily thus look for cracks, scratch or black spot inside. But it is advisable to consult a Gemologist before any buy.

The color of the Gemstone- After the first crucial stage of authenticity next is to examine the real color of the gemstone.  Nowadays almost all gemstones are treated one to enhance their color to make it attractive. Gemstone you buy should be vibrant and even color i.e. should be eye-pleasing. Use a magnifying glass to check this as some may have odd opacity and color concentrations.

The credibility of the Dealer- Always procures gemstone from a certified seller. Although finding one who is knowledgeable and genuine is hard. But a credible seller will educate you about color, size, cut, type and various aspects of a gemstone. This will make your mind. Even renowned jewelers can con you by selling a synthetic gemstone so be careful about your purchase.

Remember before any gemstones purchase government laboratory certification is attached. Each has distinct cuts and shapes. Everything is mentioned on the certificate. When you buy one, look for an eye-pleasing, well cut and no marks gemstone. To attain astrological benefits it should be mended in such a way that it touches your skin. Since it draws energy from the respective planet upon the wearer.

Price as per Transparency- Once you have examined all the prospects stated above, look for the lucidity of the gemstone. The clearer the gemstone, higher is its price. But remember this transparency could be forged and might be created with glass filling, heating or metal filing. These are enhancement methods that are used by suppliers to increase the value of the item. But these methods make gems ineffective, so beware of such points.


Gemstones can be bogus and its forgery is a common practice these days. There are many ways to counterfeit gemstones i.e. by coloring, polishing, metal filling and the major one is to man-made them. These do not hold any significance in the Astrological world and is just a showpiece rather than scientific.

We recommend you to consult a Gemologist before buying any precious stones. They are skilled in their job and will guide you properly. Or you can visit an expert Astrologer as well.

However, we have stated few effective ways in this article to distinguish between gemstones. If you have any suggestions or queries write to us. Our expert team is always ready for your assistance.


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