Not a single chance of Divorce! Wear this Gemstone


Will you take divorce from your partner? What are the best ways, in which your Divorce can be prevented?


How can you get rid of the chances which form the main reason, which leads to the Divorce in your life?

Divorce is the bitterest thing that can happen to a couple, marking the end to their life.

The Precious Gemstones in Red are known to boost the relationship between the two people.

Majorly known as the love stones, they help to improve the love bonding and the relationship terms between the two.

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Let’s analyse the main planets which increases the chances of divorce in a Person’s life:

1- Planets which cause separation, an overview – Main planets: Saturn, Sun, Rahu & the Star lord of the 12th house are mainly the separation causing planets. Any two of these particular planets which aspects the 7th house in a person’s life chart would be more prone to the problematic issues in a person’s life. If more planets aspects the 7th house, then the marriage face lot of hindrances and undergoes struggle. However, if the separating planets are in a favorable position with respect to the 7th house, then it will definitely be responsible to the chances of second marriage.

2- Position of the star lord of the 7th house– The kind of the influence that will be there on the Star lord of the 7th house, will explain the effect on the native. If the star lord of the 7th house is present in the 6th or the 12th house and have the bad influence of the malefic planets than the chances of Divorce would emerge in the person’s life. Similarly, if the starlord of the 7th house is present with Saturn or the Sun is in the 1st, 2nd, 6th, 7th or the 12th house, then the chances for divorce and some legal action would emerge.

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3- Karaka Planet of the 7th House & the Navamsa – If the Karaka planet of the 7th house & the Navamsa happens to be Jupiter in case of ladies & Venus in case of the men, the karaka planet is present in the 7th or the 12th house and has the influence of any of the specific separation causing planet then it definitely leads to the separation in the marriage. In the similar way, if the starlord of the 12th house is present in the ascendance of the Navamsa or is present with the separating planets then it will definitely lead to the chances of separation between two people.

Solution or the Remedy:

1- The Strong & positive effect of the starlord of the 7th house, kills all the main obstacles in the path of the marriage. If you have there is a bad effect on the starlord of the 7th house in a person’s birth chart then the charity or donation for the starlord of the 7th house and if you have good health then you consider the wearing the gemstone for the starlord of the seventh house.

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2- One should get done either the Kumbh or the peepal marriage before getting married!

3- Shanti-Paath for the Starlord of the 12th house and better thing would be, if you erode away all the things related to this specific planet (12th house’s Starlord) & Do complete Shanti Paath for the same.

4- One should recite the Paath of Shat-chandi, if he/she has the strong influence of the separating planets.

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