How to wear Opal Gemstone? Benefits of Opal – Must Read before Buying


Opal is a stunning gem of beauty, charisma, divine, grace and wealth. It entitles the person with luxurious living and bestows one with wealth, prosperity and success in life. It is fruitful for a business like import, export, and tourism.

This inscrutable stone is a symbol of celebration of 14 years of marriage too. The word Opal is derived from a Sanskrit word “Upala” meaning “precious stone” and in Greek, it is called “Opallious” meaning “to see a change in colour”.  Its unique property is when it is exposed to lights at particular angles this stone emits visible spectrum. This happens on the surface of the gemstone.

This birthstone is for October month next to tourmaline stone (silica mineral).  Unlike other gems, it isn’t crystalline in nature and has defined properties. It has an exaggerated history that comprises various beliefs associated with superstitious and supernatural powers.

Opal Gemstone and Planet Venus

Opal stone is qualitative, imaginative, appealing and a stone of elegance. It represents the eminence of Planet Venus and the person wearing this stone feels its positive impacts on his life. It bestows riches, stamina and ecstatic life which one craves for.

When the planet is at its peak you grow in terms of finances and enjoys the exotic way of life with all success and this is vice versa. At the time of fragile, one might experience unrefined, coarse and disturbed sentiments. Love and care and such feelings might get hard to express compassionately and you may feel low.

Therefore it is rightly said that Venus takes all over your sympathy, sentiments, love, emotion, bliss, success, money, resources, workmanship, cheerfulness, elation, solaces, energy, contentment and livelihood.

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Venus is the lord of Taurus, Capricorn, Libra and Aquarius zodiacs and brings gods favour and protection to these ascendants.

Appearance and Color of Real & Fake Opal Gemstone

Benefits of Wearing Opal Gemstone

Opal Sapphire is generally milky and has a wooded yellowish color inherent.  The real stone has an immensely positive impact on the wearer and has healing effects to it.  Fake or Synthetic Opal is lighter, less opaque and does not create a spectrum in the light. Its internal part is denser with water content. Although Opal is found in different colors, Black opal is considered most fascinating one.

Different Shades of Opal Sapphire are

White shade, Black Hue, Green Opal, Blue colored Opal, Pink Opal, Matrix opal, Cat’s eye Opal, Doublet Opal, Triplet Opal and many more.

Producers of Opal stone

Opal is found all over the world. A major producer of fine quality Opal is Australia It is the hub of this gemstone and is a major supplier which contributes about 95% of stone across the globe. This gem is the national gemstone of this country. One of the most famous Opal gemstones was displayed to Queen Elizabeth II popularly known as “Andamooka Opal Gemstone”.

Other suppliers of this stone are Turkey, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Hungary, Indonesia, Slovakia, and Brazil. You would be surprised to know that this was discovered on Mars.

Benefits of Wearing Opal Gemstone

  • Opal brings love, happiness, care and prosperity in the life of opal wearer.
  • If you are facing some marital issues and you are unhappy with your life-partner then the person must try opal as it has the capability to absorb all the negativity and problems.
  • People associated with fashion, cinema, arts and such creative fascinating industry should wear this stone for attraction and triumph.
  • It has health benefits too and has properties to heal kidney problems and strengthens the Urinary system.
  • If you are experiencing bad dreams and negative thoughts allied with sleeping problems this gem will help you to get relaxing nights.
  • It improvises your social surroundings and relations.
  • It works on that principle of Sahasrara Chakra i.e. your relationship with Universal realization.
  • Fortify overall nervous and immune system by proper secretion of hormones.

Who can wear Opal Stone?

Everyone can wear Opal gemstone in spite of any horoscope. It is usually worn as ornaments like pendants, rings, bracelets etc and might carry negativity due to lots of cuts and shapes. Therefore before buying you need to remove those negative energies from it.

You can wear this stone if you want energies of planet Venus if you worry about your future if you are introvert or is stuck in some litigations.

How to Wear Opal Gemstone?

  1. Consult with your astrologer before buying the stone though it can be worn by any horoscope it may backfire if it doesn’t suit.
  2. The ring should be mended in either gold or silver. Which mineral will suit you will be guided by your fortune-teller.
  3. Opal sets on middle or ring finger of right hand. The day to be worn is Friday on Shuklapaksha.
  4. It should be purified a night before you want to wear this stone. For its purification dip the pendant or ring in the bowl of GangaJal, honey, curd, Tulsi leaves and ghee.
  5. Face in east direction while performing this ritual, bath early morning and wear clean clothes. It is even better if you sit in your worship place.
  6. Mantra stated below should be spoken 108 times before wearing it-


How to Clean Opal Gemstone?

To clean this stone take a warm detergent water and a soft bristle brush. Always keep your stone clean so that it maintains its power and benefits you more.

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If you are intending to purchase an Opal stone for you then keep all the above points in your mind.


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