Must Read Guide How to Wear Green Emerald Gemstone (Panna)


When it comes to green beauty then a gemstone that pops into our mind is Green Emerald gemstone. It instantly makes you fall in love with it as this sparkling magnificence adores.

This precious stone first transcription was from Sanskrit known as Marakata that means “the green of growing things” and now it’s popularly known as Panna.

Features of Emerald Gemstone (Panna)

This stone is famed not only for its rarity and worth but it is associated with the Greek goddess Venus who is the true image of love and beauty. Therefore this gemstone came out to be the symbol of successful love as goddess Venus was the protector and strengthens power following.

As per astrology, it represents planet Mercury. And bestows several benefits and powers that is all for the betterment of mankind. No wonder why it is so much garlanded.

Besides love and faith, the emerald wearer possesses a sharp & intelligent mind which helps him progressing in education, business, job and creative fields. Needless it won’t be wrong to say everyone who wishes to get skilled in their profession can make most out of this precious stone.

How can you get benefits from Panna gem?

By wearing it in the right manner you can reap its tremendous benefits and to enlighten you on this part you need to go through this article completely. So without wasting a second, let’s jump to it.

Steps to wear Emerald Gemstone/Panna

Kindly follow these steps and you’ll know the correct way of wearing Panna gemstone.

1st Step – Consult an Astrologer

Always get a renowned astrologer before buying a gemstone. Search out for one who is skilled in Gemmology as he will guide you which gemstone is beneficial for you according to your horoscope. These stones are worn as per position of mercury by calculating data from your birth chart.

2nd Step – Get a right stone

This one is the most crucial thing as a wrong gemstone may lead to misfortunes and misery. For this, you again need an astrologist advice. He will provide you with all the necessary information about your horoscope compatibility with the gemstone for success. As there are many examples of adverse effects from incorrect gemstone bear.

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3rd Step – Always acquire a quality Panna stone

Generally, people buy gemstones as per discounted rates due to which quality of the stone also gets compromised same is with the payback. Therefore whenever you go to procure an Emerald always look for genuine sellers and check it shine, cut, clarity and colour of the stone.

Everything needs to be mentioned while purchasing the valued stone. Stone should be crystal clear and should not possess any cracks or damage. The clearer the stone the better it is.

One more important thing to be noted is stone should be naturally brought into being not chemically produced. Therefore it better to go with certified dealers who provide you with its authenticity and excellence certificate.

4th Step – Look for the auspicious time to wear Panna stone

Wearing gem isn’t as effortless as wearing a jewellery. You need to be careful while obtaining and wearing one. You need to find the right day and right time for it.

This is generally advised when the position of your planet is strong i.e. on Wednesday morning in Shukla Paksha Panna is worn as it is the day of planet Mercury which is associated with the gem. However, it is always better to ask your astrologer first.

5th Step – Which finger Emerald is to be worn?

emerlad stone finger wear

We have five fingers and each finger has a different planet zone. As per astrology and Gemmology, Panna is always worn on the little finger of the right hand by men. If the wearer is a woman then this stone sets its place in the left arms little finger.

6th Step – Begin Carefully with the right process

To wear this valuable stone you need to clean it and get it pure with blessings of the planet Mercury.  

For this, you have to take a bowl of raw milk or Ganga Jal and dip the emerald ring into it before a night when you want to wear it. The next day, early morning the ring should be set on the little finger of left or right palm as mentioned; this will help you to attain all the benefits out of it.  

Within an hour of sunrise wake up and take a shower, put on clean clothes and get you ready. Then place a clean cloth on the floor, sit on it with the bowl of the ring (which you kept a night before).

You should face towards east direction while performing this ceremony.

Take the ring out of the bowl and place it in your right hand and chant this mantra given below for 108 times-

“Om Bum Budhaye Namah Aum”

Remember your idol god and then wear this ring with good faith.

7th Step – Wear Emerald for benefits

Once you wear this gemstone you will feel its aura and you will notice its benefits in a couple of months.

You should always keep on cleaning the ring as it should look crystal clear then only it will absorb the energy of the related planet and reflect upon you. If you notice any crack or damage in it change as soon as possible as it has adverse effects on a wearer.

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We wish you all the luck and prosperity in wearing Green Emerald or Panna and hope this article has given you a clear vision of how this gemstone is worn. For any related queries write to us in the comment section below.


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