Progeny Problems? Wear Yellow Sapphire GemStone


The Beautiful magnificent Yellow Sapphire GemStone have this specific quality of boosting your fertility, which no other thing can do.

There are many couples, who are in a deep depression, because their dreams of having their own child have not been fulfilled and their life has become nothing more than just a deep sorrow and stress. In many couple’s cases, no matter how many medical treatments and the tests they get done, from finest of the finest hospitals, they are not able to have their own off springs or the Children.

children_imageWhat is it, they are missing? What is that one thing, which can actually help them to become the parents?

Well yes, in the Indian astrology, this enigma has been sorted closely and has been related to the 5th house (Pancham Bhaav) in a person’s birth chart or Janam Kundli.

If you have Shani or Venus (Shukra) in your 5th house, then the chances would be that you will most likely to have very less chances of giving birth to a healthy child or the worst case scenario would be that you will give birth to a dead child.

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Genuine Lab Tested Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) - 9 Ratti/ 8.22 Ct
Genuine Lab Tested Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) – 9 Ratti/ 8.22 Ct

Here is a Sneak preview of the important factors, in context of your Janam Kundli, which tell you, that what are those factors, which leads to these flaws in the Person:

  1. The effect of Shani or Rahu on your 5th house, leads to an unhealthy and the worst case a dead child to be be present in the womb.
  2. Effect of Mars on the 5th house, will lead to severe medical difficulties in the birth of the child. The chances would be that you will have the cesarean operation in delivering the child.
  3. If you have Sun present in your 5th house then you will not be able to have the child.
  4. If you have Sun, Mercury or Saturn in your ascendance, 5th house and 7th house, then they will not have their kids.
  5. If Venus in the Male’s birth chart happens to be present with the Saturn, Mercury and Rahu in one’s birth chart and the 5th, 7th Houses have influence of the unfavorable planets, and then there would be very less chances that you will become a mother or a Father.

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