Ratti vs. Carat


Ratti vs. Carat

Most of the people unaware from the difference between Ratti and Carat. Ratti, is one of the most widely used units, in the arena of the gemstones. When planning to buy the gemstone, it is really necessary that you are aware of the key units which are used to measure the gemstones.

A ratti is a traditional Indian unit of mass measurement, and has now been standardized as 0.12125 gram. It was measured by ratti seed, which is actually “Abrus precatorius” seed.

1 Ratti = 0.91 Carat

1 Ratti = 8 Gram

1 tola:  12 masha or 11.67 gram

1 tank = 4 mashas or 3.88 gram

1 masha = 8 ratti or 0.97 gram

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This unit has been widely used among the gemologists and the gemstone dealers. Carat, which is the other commonly used unit, is associated with gold. But when it comes to the gemstones, the main unit is Ratti. A proper knowledge and key understanding of this unit is necessary.

Next time, before you make up your mind to buy the precious gemstone, acquaint yourself well with the terminology and the key units used in the gemstones.

One basic difference between ratti and the carat has to be understood, when you buy your gemstone, which is: the Ratti weighs very less in comparison to the carat, so the main difference should be well analyzed, when it comes to the precious gemstones.

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