Stick To These Key Points Before Wearing A Birthstone


Oh..wait! This could be disastrous. Yes, wearing gemstone of your choice could be disastrous and could create havoc in your life. As per astrological point of view, different gemstones are associated with the nine different ruling planets. The work of gemstones is to transfer the positive vibes of their ruling planet into its wearer’s life. And it’s only possible, if you take the advice of a well-known astrologer. Astrological prescriptions are based on the thorough study of your birth chart, an accomplished astrologer will prescribe you the right birthstone according to the positioning of your ruling planet. Today’s article is exactly what you guys looking for, here you’ll find the Do’s and Don’ts you should keep in mind before wearing any gemstone. Here we go..

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  • One should wear a gemstone only in Shukla Paksha. If you really want to get benefited, wear it the bright phase of the moon only. The stone will really help you out in these days.
  • The stone must be worn for one or maximum two hours after sunrise. It would be a safe play, if you consult the accurate timings with your astrologer.
  • Weight of gemstone should be in mind, before wearing any specific gemstone. It’s nothing but a simple calculation, divide your body weight by 10 and whatever the number comes, must be the weight of the stone.
  • Only those people who are facing continuous problems in life, even after hitting efforts again coming back to zero are only prescribed to wear gemstones.  Add some sparks of your hard work in your life and you’ll never need any gemstone for becoming successful.
  • The stone should touch the skin of your body. It should be neither too tight or too loose.
  • Always keep the stone in your aura, wear it as a ring or as a pendant.
  • Keep the gemstone under your pillow while sleeping for checking the suitability of the stone.
  • And the most important, consulting the suitability of your desired stone with astrologer.

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