Wear Ruby Gemstone & Let your Heart beat Longer!!

Wearing Ruby is highly beneficial for the People who are suffering from the Heart Diseases! Here is a sneak preview for you to know the reason why?

heart beat

heart beat

Ruby the precious gemstone in red has been known to human kind since ages. Its magnificent properties like rekindling the love in the couples and helping to bestow more luck on a person’s love relationships.

You can call it a Love stone or a Career stone or a Health stone! This particular gemstone is recommended to many people, who seek the blessings of the almighty planet of the astrology, which is none other than the Sun!

The mystical stone of Ruby helps in improving the health of the heart of a person helps it become healthy and bestow its charismatic healing powers on your heart.

Here is an exhaustive detail for you, to have a better understanding about this interesting stone, how it is related with your heart and why??

The main responsiveness of the heart to the sun’s transit in one’s life chart has been explained according to the Shastra’s as has been mentioned below:

  1. If Sun is present in the 4th house and is effected from the malefic planets, then it causes the heart related diseases.
    If sun is present with the enemy or the unfavorable zodiac signs.
  2. An excellent stone which recharges your energy levels and maintains the positivity. It embarks three essential essence of a happy life: energy, vitality & sensuality. One, who is unable to lead a contented love or sexual life, can opt for this stone as it embarks the three essential factors of life.

    Ruby is a precious stone which is related to the almighty Sun. It effectively rules one’s authority, persona, confidence and status. The Sun is related to the soul and has a great deal to do with career and the person’s worldly activities. Success in maintaining a healthy body, vitality, immune system and the willpower to achieve greatness in society, under the purview of the sun.Wearing a ruby of at least 1 carat is said to increase popularity and professional status. It will cure diseases of the eyes and of the heart

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