Wear Yellow Sapphire Gemstone For The Immense Wealth And Fame


The  ruling planet of the Yellow Sapphire is Jupiter, which represents marriage, luck and good fortune. If your ruling planet is Jupiter and if you’re facing problems in your marriage life or if you’re looking up for a perfect mate, then the Yellow Sapphire Gemstone will really help you out.

Wearing the Yellow Sapphire gemstone will sate all your desire, like buying a new vehicle or home. But, astrological recommendation is a necessary before wearing a Yellow Sapphire or any other gemstones. Gemstones are filled with mystical energies of their specific ruling planet, wearing any gemstone of your choice could create havoc in your life.

Consult with your know or family astrologer before buying any gemstone. There’re many couples who wished of having their own child, but ends with having sorrow and darkness in their life.

Luckily, there’s a loophole of this problem with astrology.

Are you having progeny problems?

Wear Yellow Sapphire gemstone and feel the sunshine of happiness! Yes, Wearing the Yellow Sapphire gemstone will boosts your fertility which no other thing can do.

The Yellow Sapphire gemstone promises wealth, abundance, prosperity, financial freedom and freedom from poverty.  The most amazing thing about this stone is that Yellow Sapphire gemstone is blessed by the goddess Su- Lakshmi, wealth gained by hard work will surely find its way to you.


The yellow sapphire gemstone emits healing rays and provide prosperity to its wearer.  The stone is embedded with mysterious powers. If you are really smashed up in life, then this stone is suitable for you.

The yellow sapphire gemstone will endow all the positive effects of the Jupiter planet into its wearer’s life.  If you’re lacking in self-confidence or if you’re weak in studies, then Yellow sapphire is the perfect gemstone for you.

Minimum weight of the stone

As per astrologers, the minimum weight of the stone should be the body weight by 10, example- If your weight is 60 kg, then the minimum weight of the stone should be 6 Ratti.

In which finger you should wear Yellow Sapphire?


The Right Way to Wear Yellow Sapphire Gemstone will sate all your desires, like buying a new vehicle, home or your dream job. The Yellow Sapphire gemstone will open the gateway of immense golden opportunities in your life if you wore it on the index finger of the right hand.

Thursday morning is the suitable time to wear the Yellow Sapphire gemstone, the stone will release the mystical flow of energies in your body and you’ll surely taste success.

Suitable metal for the Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

The suitable metal for the Yellow Sapphire gemstone is Gold and platinum. You can wear this gemstone in the form of ring and pendant. The stone should touched the body.

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